"I am grateful everyday to be teaching such amazing students and to be able to offer such a vast array of opportunities that we do! Each day is so exciting with something new to work towards and achieve and I absolutely love it!"


Diploma DDI

"Teaching at Abstract allows me the opportunity to work with children capable of a range of abilities and ages and gives me the opportunity to share my passion with others and encourage them to shine!"


DDI    DDE in training


Dipolma     DDI

“I wasn’t born to ‘just teach’. I was born to inspire others, to change people and to never give up even when faced with challenges that seem impossible. Abstract isn’t just a Job. It’s my family!"


BA(Hons)    AIDTA    ANATD    AAC

"Being a teacher at Abstract isn’t a job it is being part of a family! The support, hard work and dedication that I see at Abstract every single day is incredible. I am so lucky to teach so many amazing students and watching them grow in not only technique and ability but confidence is what makes being a dance teacher the most rewarding job in the world!"


Ba(Hons)     AIDTA

"I love teaching at Abstract because I love seeing the smiles on the children’s faces when they come to their lessons and learn new skills. It is a pleasure to teach each and every one of them and every lesson brings something new and exciting. I have longed to be a teacher for so many years and watching them achieve their dreams is a wonderful feeling. I’m excited to watch all of their journeys as they progress through Abstract with me supporting them."


     AIDTA     AAM1

"I love teaching at abstract because I love watching everyone progress and learn different skills, as well as seeing their growing confidence!"



"The reason I love teaching for Abstract is because the children inspire me, they are eager to push themselves and thrive in every way."


BSc(Hons)     DDE    DDI     PBTT

"I love working for Abstract because the team and atmosphere is friendly and welcoming and the children are always enthusiastic and hard working!"







"Abstract is a great place to teach at alongside professionals and experienced dance teachers. Students are talented, hard working and fun to dance with. Abstract gives many incredible opportunities to students and teachers which allows everyone to archive more and gain amazing experiences and I love being part of it!"

 Lauren (On Maternity)


"I love being part of the Abstract family, we work really hard ensuring our students are trained correctly and in a fun environment. I have been lucky enough to watch my students grow from pre-schoolers to seniors and it’s something I will always treasure."

Cover Teachers

We also have a huge array of brilliant and qualified cover teachers who teach at Abstract and help at events and shows!





plus more!



"Abstract is a model of how one person (the Principal, Amber Leigh Mitchell) can turn a dream into a glorious reality, and perform a valuable service to her community at the same time. It's also a reminder that, behind every successful woman there's another woman. In this case, Dawn, Amber's mum. Two lovely people; proud to have them as friends. I've been photographing Abstract's events and workshops from the beginning, and, every time I visit , I come away feeling energised and inspired."


Administrator & Receptionist   

 "I thoroughly enjoy welcoming everyone and having the privilege of watching all the amazing achievements of the students as they grow at Abstract. I am looking forward to all the opportunities to come!"

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