First Class 

New students will receive a professionally printed A5 Certificate upon attending their first class at Abstract!

 Bring a Friend

A medal is awarded to students who bring a friend to Abstract, their friend will also receive a medal!

 Star of the Week

Each week one student from each class is awarded Abstract's Star of the Week and are given a professionally printed A4 certificate.

Star of the Month

Every month a student from each Abstract school will be awarded the Star of the Month Award! They will be presented with the Abstract cup which they will keep for the month and they will also receive a professionally printed A4 certificate and sash which is their's to keep.

 100% Attendance

A student is awarded a professionally printed A5 certificate at the end of each term if they have attended every class within that term. This is awarded per class so students can receive several of these per term. 

Aggregate Star Award

Student's who receive multiple Star of the Week & Star of the Month can work towards the Aggregate Star Award! There are 5 levels of this award Lilac (5 Stars), Purple (10 Stars), Bronze (15 Stars), Silver (20 Stars) and Gold (25 Stars). Each level will receive a professionally printed certificate and their name added to the wall of Stars at Abstract Performing Arts Centre! We also provide Aggregate Star Award Progress Charts for only £1 available to purchase through the Hub to keep track of all of the star achievements.

Annual Dedication 

A student will receive an award for each year they are a student at Abstract. Each year starting from their 1st Anniversary they will receive a professionally printed certificate congratulating them on their dedication. 

 5 Years Dedication 

To recognise the incredible achievement of attending Abstract for 5 years the student will not only receive their Abstract Annual Dedication Certificate but they will also receive a huge silver trophy presented by the Principal for them to keep.

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